/ (kæˈpɛlˌmaɪstə) /

  1. a person in charge of an orchestra, esp in an 18th-century princely household: See also maestro di cappella

Origin of capellmeister

from German, from Kapelle chapel + Meister master

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How to use capellmeister in a sentence

  • capellmeister Schnabel, an old acquaintance of Chopin's, had invited the latter to come to a morning rehearsal.

  • The Elector of Hanover was kind to him, and offered him the post of capellmeister, with a salary of about fifteen hundred dollars.

  • It was not likely that King George would look with favor on his former capellmeister, who had so long deserted his post.

  • Perhaps Josef might one day become a musician—indeed he might even rise to be capellmeister.

  • The head capellmeister, Werner, was old, but the Prince kept him on account of his long service.