/ kæˈpɛləʊ /


  1. CapelloFabio1946MItalianSPORT AND GAMES: footballerSPORT AND GAMES: coach Fabio. born 1946. Italian football player and coach; he won four Italian league titles with Milan and two Spanish league titles with Real Madrid; managed England (2008–12)

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Example Sentences

In this respect, manager Fabio Capello had to make do with short rations on the goalkeeping front.

Far more important at the moment are the fates of England manager Fabio Capello and Andy Murray at Wimbledon.

Now, the calls for the manager, Fabio Capello, to be fired can begin—the Mirror simply urges, “FABIGO.”

Celebrity Fan Watch Officially, David Beckham is a special adviser to England manager Fabio Capello at the World Cup.

Certainly it filled the Albergo Capello dOro to such an extent that it was doubtful for a time if we could find a place.

Elaps, a genus of poisonous American snakes, the type of the family Elapid, to which belongs the cobra de capello.

Like its near ally, the cobra di capello of India, when irritated it flattens and extends its neck to twice its natural size.

Eleven years after "Laura Capello" was written its author visited the scenes where the plot was laid.

He would talk of finding a cobra-di-capello, or hooded snake, under his pillow in India, when he slept ashore there.


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