[ kap-i-tuh ]


  1. plural of caput.
  2. an individual person, as used in the phrase per capita.


/ ˈkæpɪtə /


  1. anatomy the plural of caput

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Example Sentences

The United States ranks among the 10 worst nations for covid-19 cases and deaths per capita.

The Super Bowl tends to feature a few overly patriotic ads each year, and General Motors put a fun spin on that tradition by giving Will Ferrell a vendetta against Norway for selling more electric cars per capita than the United States.

Communities of color tend to have fewer pharmacies per capita, putting them at a disadvantage in the coronavirus vaccination effort.

From Axios

Data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates the fewest doses per capita have been distributed in Nevada, South Carolina and Texas.

Its path to mandatory restrictions has left the Nordic country with more than three times more virus deaths per capita than Denmark, the closest regional peer in terms of fatalities.

From Fortune

We see the effects of a state that spends more money per capita on prisons than it does on education.

The highest per capita wine consumption in the world is in the Vatican.

Higher per capita income, longer histories of democratic stability, legal status, and religion.

Then he faced a $3.7 billion deficit, the largest in state history, and the largest per capita in the nation.

Far less appreciated, Houston, rather than being a southern city of duller wits, actually ranks second in engineers per capita.

Vnica hc adest D. Potrincurtij familia, sine feminis capita sumus viginti.

When a Klan is chartered, a per capita tax of $1.85 for each member is required to be sent to the Imperial Palace.

The per capita wages of Japanese laborers here are, of course, amazingly low.

England cut her sugar allowance per capita from about seven and a half pounds a month to two, and France from nearly four to one.

In the early hours of the afternoon they re-embarked, the capita of the village coming to the beach to see them off.





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