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capital outlay


  1. a capital expenditure.

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This process frustrated the utilities, who prefer to recoup the money they spend on investments — and get the increased return they are guaranteed for additional capital outlays — as quickly as possible.

The coronavirus has impacted revenues at a wide swath of companies, and there’s a significant capital outlay to transitioning to an automated system.

From Fortune

The proposals sanctioned by the Central Authority go up to a capital outlay of 350 per bed.

This point is often neglected in respect of capital outlay, which once made cannot be recalled.

Another reason exists in the fact that the average housewife does not distinguish between annual and capital outlay.

"Put that down," Mrs. Bishop had said; and the item of capital outlay had gone down on a half-sheet of note-paper.

The merchants of the North pursued the slave trade so relentlessly because it paid such enormous profits on the capital outlay.


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