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Capitol Hill


  1. the small hill in Washington, D.C., on which the Capitol stands.
  2. Informal. the U.S. Congress.

Capitol Hill

  1. A hill in Washington, D.C. , on which the United States Capitol building sits. The House of Representatives and the Senate meet in the Capitol. ( See on the Hill .)

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Example Sentences

Viva, a 47-room apartment building in Capitol Hill, was always envisioned as a co-living concept, and one that was almost instantly undercut once the pandemic began to unfold.

The administration then pushed forward his economic stimulus bill with only Democratic support on Capitol Hill.

Indeed, we have had many interior secretaries with close ties to powerful men in the C-suite and on Capitol Hill.

Like others, Olsson said his thinking had been shaped by the riot at the Capitol, especially because many participants remained at large and no one was arrested for planting pipe bombs at Republican and Democratic party headquarters on Capitol Hill.

The site is part of a residential area, east of Capitol Hill.

So not only will the GOP have control in the Senate, it will move the center of gravity on Capitol Hill hard to starboard.

Tool around Capitol Hill, which brims gay bars, restaurants, and clubs.

The papal view of lawmaking on Capitol Hill is unknown, but Congress you have been warned.

Last year, buoyed by his 2012 reelection, Obama dismissed the notion of schmoozing with his Republican tormentors on Capitol Hill.

As talks get underway again in Vienna, many voices are raised against them on Capitol Hill and abroad.

I took the street that leads from the Cœlian to the Capitol Hill, as affording a pleasanter walk—if longer.

The Capitol-hill is said to form a link between the ancient city and the modern one.

Far off on the Capitol Hill he heard the sharp note of a bugle and the rattle of horses' hoofs.

An old settler of the place decided with me that it was on the elevated ground now known as Capitol Hill.

In the city of Washington, on Capitol Hill, it is a common practice to drain cellars into what are termed "dry wells."


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