[ kuh-prey-zey, ‑zee ]


, (sometimes initial capital letter)
  1. prepared with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil leaves and drizzled with olive oil:

    a caprese salad;

    caprese sandwiches;

    pizza caprese.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of caprese1

< Italian: of or in the style of Capri

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Example Sentences

Try the fresh salads (portobello mushroom and Caprese) and anything pasta-based is a sure thing.

Their special Danish beer is brewed on site, and the menu varies from mozzarella caprese starters to Cajun magic mains.

Gaby Dalkin takes out her high-end olive oil and blends it with balsamic vinegar to pour over caprese salad.

After lunching on a caprese salad sandwich, Lynch lit up an American Spirit cigarette and sat down to talk about his paintings.

The Caprese peasant has never had time to get the fact of winter fairly into his head.

She was on horseback, riding with her husband to his official post at Chiusi, for he was governor of Chiusi and Caprese.

Enough however remains to tempt the best of the Caprese fishermen to sea.


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