[ kap-ruh-fig ]
/ ˈkæp rəˌfɪg /
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the wild fig, Ficus carica, bearing an inedible fruit used in pollination of the edible fig.
the fruit itself.
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Origin of caprifig

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin caprifīcus the wild fig tree, literally, the goat-fig, equivalent to capri- capri- + ficus fig1
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How to use caprifig in a sentence

  • The one (caprifig) produces only male or pollen-yielding flowers.

    The Romance of Plant Life|G. F. Scott Elliot
  • Then they brought in the wild Caprifig from Smyrna and planted it side by side with the Smyrna figs, but still with no result.

    Book of Monsters|David Fairchild and Marian Hubbard (Bell) Fairchild
  • Inside the caprifig are the grubs of the fig-wasp, which rejoice in the name of Blastophaga grossorum.

    The Romance of Plant Life|G. F. Scott Elliot
  • At the same time she covers the ordinary flowers with pollen from the caprifig.

    The Romance of Plant Life|G. F. Scott Elliot

British Dictionary definitions for caprifig

/ (ˈkæprɪˌfɪɡ) /

a wild variety of fig, Ficus carica sylvestris, of S Europe and SW Asia, used in the caprification of the edible fig

Word Origin for caprifig

C15: from Latin caprifīcus literally: goat fig, from caper goat + fīcus fig 1
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