[ kap-yoo-chin, -shin ]
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  1. a Central and South American monkey, Cebus capucinus, having a prehensile tail and hair on the head resembling a cowl.

  2. any monkey of the genus Cebus.

  1. a hooded cloak for women.

  2. (initial capital letter)Also called Friar Minor Capuchin. Roman Catholic Church. a friar belonging to the branch of the Franciscan order that observes vows of poverty and austerity.: Compare Friar Minor, Friar Minor Conventual.

Origin of capuchin

1590–1600; <Middle French <Italian cappuccino, equivalent to cappucc(io) capuche + -ino-ine1
  • Also called ringtail monkey (for defs. 1, 2).

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/ (ˈkæpjʊtʃɪn, -ʃɪn) /

  1. any agile intelligent New World monkey of the genus Cebus, inhabiting forests in South America, typically having a cowl of thick hair on the top of the head

  2. a woman's hooded cloak

  1. (sometimes capital) a rare variety of domestic fancy pigeon

Origin of capuchin

C16: from French, from Italian cappuccino, from cappuccio hood; see capuche

British Dictionary definitions for Capuchin (2 of 2)


/ (ˈkæpjʊtʃɪn, ˈkæpjʊʃɪn) /

    • a friar belonging to a strict and autonomous branch of the Franciscan order founded in 1525

    • (as modifier): a Capuchin friar

Origin of Capuchin

C16: from French; see capuche

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