[ kah-rah-bee-nye-re; English kar-uh-bin-yair-ee ]
/ ˌkɑ rɑ biˈnyɛ rɛ; English ˌkær ə bɪnˈyɛər i /

noun, plural ca·ra·bi·nie·ri [kah-rah-bee-nye-ree; English kar-uh-bin-yair-ee] /ˌkɑ rɑ biˈnyɛ ri; English ˌkær ə bɪnˈyɛər i/. Italian.

a member of the Italian national police force, organized as a military unit and charged with maintaining public security and order as well as assisting local police.

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Examples from the Web for carabiniere

  • Yes, and also, chimes in the carabiniere, the peasants don't want to work the land.

    Sea and Sardinia|D. H. Lawrence
  • Once a carabiniere asked her where she was going, why she walked alone so in the disturbed city.

    The Furnace|Rose Macaulay
  • The carabiniere is soft and will go any way, though always with some interest.

    Sea and Sardinia|D. H. Lawrence
  • She wrenched herself away, went up to the carabiniere, who stood at the corner, and spoke to him.

    Olive in Italy|Moray Dalton

British Dictionary definitions for carabiniere

/ Italian (karabiˈnjɛːre) /

noun plural -ri (-ri)

an Italian national policeman
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