carburetter US carburetor (ˈkɑːbjʊˌreɪtə, -bə-)

/ (ˌkɑːbjʊˈrɛtə, ˈkɑːbjʊˌrɛtə, -bə-) /

  1. a device used in petrol engines for atomizing the petrol, controlling its mixture with air, and regulating the intake of the air-petrol mixture into the engine: Informal term: carb Compare fuel injection

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How to use carburettor in a sentence

  • Now air is forced through my paraffin carburettor and the vapour resulting is fed to that gasometer in the bows of the boat.

    The Great Airship. | F. S. Brereton
  • Bleriot, following, succeeded in covering one side of the triangular course, but then came down through grit in the carburettor.

    A History of Aeronautics | E. Charles Vivian
  • Bleriot, turning out in the morning, made a landing in some such fashion as flooded the carburettor and caused it to catch fire.

    A History of Aeronautics | E. Charles Vivian
  • As regards carburation, an automatic air valve surrounds the throat of the carburettor, maintaining normal composition of mixture.

    A History of Aeronautics | E. Charles Vivian
  • I look down in the fading light and find the precious fluid spurting out from the carburettor union.