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cardinal sin


  1. theol any of the seven deadly sins
  2. informal.
    an unforgivable error or misjudgment

    lack of impartiality is considered a cardinal sin in broadcasting circles

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Example Sentences

I was sure the owner committed the cardinal sin of improperly storing his wine, and I smote him with all the fervor of a zealot.

And ringing false is the cardinal sin of the Chuck Norris universe.

Odd—when Pax had ruled, there were thought police and the cardinal sin was to be a liberal, to experiment, to seek knowledge.

To persons deeply imbued with religious feeling, hypocrisy is the cardinal sin.

The dramatist who hangs his characters to his plot, instead of hanging his plot to his characters, is guilty of cardinal sin.

It is the cardinal sin against which the Society of Friends have always striven.

From the foregoing estimate it may easily be gathered that imperfect technique is the cardinal sin of the average amateur poet.





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