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[ kair-free ]


  1. without anxiety or worry.

    Synonyms: blithe, gleeful, cheerful, elated, joyous, lighthearted

  2. requiring little care:

    carefree fabrics.


/ ˈkɛəˌfriː /


  1. without worry or responsibility

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Derived Forms

  • ˈcareˌfreeness, noun

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Other Words From

  • carefreeness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of carefree1

First recorded in 1785–95; care + free

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Example Sentences

Her results indicated that she was pragmatic and carefree, but Devaux didn’t agree with the AI’s read on her personality.

I assumed our days of carefree cowboy camping in the arid desert had come to an end.

I’ve gravitated to music that feels carefree and sunny this year, for obvious reasons.

From Digiday

So, that’s something that I had to get used to, being behind the camera, and just kind of being more carefree and being myself instead of just hiding the inner-Vincent or what-have-you.

As Vanderbilt observed in his young daughter, the beginner’s way can often be carefree.

Prince may have pranced around like a carefree libertine onstage, but in rehearsal he was more drill sergeant than sprite.

Things seem fine at the outset, as they always do—the children are fun and adorable, the husband and wife happy and carefree.

Too carefree with that red Solo cup, or wary of a handsome stranger buying the next round?

Her jauntiness and carefree attitude appeals to him; the negative side is her carelessness.

Putting on a seemingly carefree attitude, Colbert claimed he was under a lot of pressure to deliver during this episode.

In a few days a new home was ready and the terrible hurricane forgotten by the carefree, happy little boy.

It was a carefree kind of life, with just enough of variety to hold Bud's interest to the adventuring.

Men thought that if he had had a guilty conscience, he could not have seemed so carefree.

And I seem not greatly to care: whenever that comes home to me I merely light a carefree cigarette.

He is prudent and sacrifices the immediate petty delights to the advantage of a carefree age.





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