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[ kuh-res-ing ]


  1. gently touching, patting, or stroking a person or thing to show affection:

    She stroked my face—temple, cheek, chin, and then up the other side in a caressing, sweeping gesture.

  2. touching or seeming to touch a person or thing lightly and in a way that calms or soothes:

    Over and over again, I repeated the figures until they became a caressing swash of sound inside my head and hummed me finally to sleep.

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Other Words From

  • ca·ress·ing·ly adverb
  • un·ca·ress·ing adjective
  • un·ca·ress·ing·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Christine is very flirtatious, giggling, caressing, and locking eyes with her ambitious underling.

The velvet dresses in black, burgundy, and abstract prints moved around the body—caressing it and alluding to every curve.

There was a caressing tenderness in her voice as she said it, but whether for himself or for another he could not tell.

Bruder Schliemann's long white fingers were caressing the keys to some purpose.

She almost whispered the words, but he heard her, and to him there was something caressing in her tone.

Gradually, however, the girl became calmer, her manner to Georgie got softer and more caressing.

Arnold nodded thoughtfully; his fingers moved unconscious and caressing across the edge of the desk.


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