[ kair-ee, kar-ee ]


  1. male given name, form of Carew.


/ ˈkɛərɪ /


  1. CareyGeorge (Leonard)1935MEnglishRELIGION: clergyman George ( Leonard ). born 1935, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991–2002)
  2. CareyPeter1943MAustralianWRITING: novelistWRITING: writer Peter. born 1943, Australian novelist and writer; his novels include Illywhacker (1985), Oscar and Lucinda (1988), and True History of the Kelly Gang (2001)
  3. CareyWilliam17611834MBritishMISC: orientalistRELIGION: missionary William. 1761–1834, British orientalist and pioneer Baptist missionary in India

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Example Sentences

As Carey tried to back away, a Capitol Police officer and a Secret Service officer each fired nine bullets at the car.

For Carey, the decision to strike was driven not only by concerns about his own safety, but the safety of his community.

From Time

Rolling Stone’s streaming data, which includes Spotify streams as well as competitor services like Apple Music, also show a big bump in listens to Carey’s hit this year.

From Quartz

Carey was preparing to return to the stage for the first time in eight months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In March 2018, she asked a judge for a protection order against Carey.

Officers were responding to a report of a missing juvenile girl, and found her in the house of Carey Smith-Viramontes.

On April 11, 1890, Joseph Carey Merrick was found dead in his bed at the age of 27.

She also read Philippa Gregory, A.S. Byatt, Peter Carey, and Peter Ackroyd.

ESPN's SportsNation compiled a Derek Jeter dating diamond, and Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba were relegated to the outfield.

On Thursday, Nick Cannon confirmed that his six-year marriage to Mariah Carey is on the rocks.

Miss Carey seems only to have seen the head herself, so there may easily have been a mistake on this point.

Gen. Carey, of whose vigorous speech we give but a brief outline, retired amid prolonged cheers.

In one of these dark recesses the wall was pierced, well up toward the Carey street end.

The boy remembered having seen the house physician, Dr. Carey, at a late breakfast in the café, and got him up here at once.

Let Carey have some coffee and a bite, if he feels well enough.





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