/ (ˈkɑːfæks) /

  1. a place where principal roads or streets intersect, esp a place in a town where four roads meet

Origin of carfax

C14: from Anglo-French carfuks, from Old French carrefures, from Latin quadrifurcus four-forked

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How to use carfax in a sentence

  • We go by a patch of park and through a mediocre street, and find ourselves in the public square,—the carfax of the city.

  • Those in front had now stopped also; and Master carfax came ambling back to see what had occasioned the delay.

    Robin Hood | Paul Creswick
  • Without answering carfax, he fitted an arrow to his bow, and sent speeding death to the trembling stag.

    Robin Hood | Paul Creswick
  • "One was to deal with Robin of Locksley," said carfax, snarlingly, and without yielding his point.

    Robin Hood | Paul Creswick
  • Ford encouraged his foresters by word and gesture; and carfax kept himself as far out of it as possible.

    Robin Hood | Paul Creswick