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[ kair-ing ]


  1. feeling or showing care for, concern about, or attentiveness to other people's needs; compassionate; thoughtful:

    I often speak of our desire to build a smart and caring nation that nurtures its citizens.

    He's such a caring person and a great friend to me.

  2. relating to the task of identifying and tending to the needs of others, especially those who cannot look after themselves:

    The study showed that in this country, women are responsible for the bulk of unpaid domestic and caring work.

    Empathy is important in caring professions such as nursing and social work, but avoiding burnout is also essential.


  1. the act or practice of showing concern for, displaying attentiveness to, or tending to the needs of others:

    In these stories, we can see what caring, compassion, and altruism look like distilled to their purest forms.

    During this nursing course, you will study caring, communication, health promotion, and infection prevention.


/ ˈkɛərɪŋ /


  1. feeling or showing care and compassion

    a caring attitude

  2. of or relating to professional social or medical care

    nursing is a caring job


  1. the practice or profession of providing social or medical care

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Other Words From

  • car·ing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of caring1

First recorded in 1550–60; care ( def ), -ing 1( def ), -ing 2( def )

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Example Sentences

The men use the dolls to practice the basics of caring for babies.

After signing on to the film, Moore enlisted the services of her 30 Rock costar Alec Baldwin to play her caring husband.

Good, caring teachers recognized his talent and challenged him to work hard to compete at the highest levels.

There seems to be a proactive disregard for knowing or caring about their lives and plight.

The doctors and nurses in the emergency room were fast, caring, and highly professional.

Tim had come by this time, fastening his suspenders as he came, and caring less for his appearance than his mother.

She is also a kind mother and affectionate wife, and lives only for her family, caring little for the world.

Not only were there their own two wounded men, but they had picked up and were caring for six wounded guerrillas.

He swung into a decent-looking road that branched off to the left, wondering where it led, but not greatly caring.

Not caring what the result might be, she publicly proclaimed our liaison, and I had come to live entirely at her house.


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