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[kahr-muh n-yohl; French kar-ma-nyawl]
noun, plural car·ma·gnoles [kahr-muh n-yohlz; French kar-ma-nyawl] /ˌkɑr mənˈyoʊlz; French kar maˈnyɔl/.
  1. a dance and song popular during the French Revolution.
  2. a man's loose jacket with wide lapels and metal buttons, worn during the French Revolution.
  3. the costume of the French revolutionists, consisting chiefly of this jacket, black pantaloons, and a red liberty cap.
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Origin of carmagnole

1790–1800; < French, after the name of a ceremonial jacket worn by peasants of Dauphiné and Savoy, named after Carmagnola, town in Piedmont, Italy
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Historical Examples of carmagnole

  • Some one was singing the "Carmagnole" in drunken, discordant tones.

    The Historical Nights' Entertainment

    Rafael Sabatini

  • His Carmagnole was worthy of the proposition with which it concluded.

  • But the madder swirl of the Carmagnole came along, and presto!

    Orphans of the Storm

    Henry MacMahon

  • Do you remember,” gasped Barres, “that girl who danced the Carmagnole on the Quay?

    The Moonlit Way

    Robert W. Chambers

  • Well do I remember you, and Carmagnole, your sweetheart of a spit-fire.

British Dictionary definitions for carmagnole


  1. a dance and song popular during the French Revolution
  2. the costume worn by many French Revolutionaries, consisting of a short jacket with wide lapels, black trousers, a red liberty cap, and a tricoloured sash
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Word Origin for carmagnole

C18: from French, probably named after Carmagnola, Italy, taken by French Revolutionaries in 1792
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