[ kahr-muhn; Spanish kahr-men ]


  1. a male or female given name: from a Latin word meaning “song.”



[ kahr-muhn; French kar-men ]


  1. an opera (1875) by Georges Bizet.


  1. One of the most popular of operas , composed by Georges Bizet , and first produced in the late nineteenth century. The title character is known for manipulating men. One of her victims, a Spanish soldier, arranges for her to escape from jail, but she later abandons him for a bullfighter, and he stabs her. The pieces “Habanera” and “Toreador Song” are well-known excerpts from Carmen .

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Example Sentences

Qiana could not offer Carmen a salary, only an avenue to heal.

Carmen ran her own business and was politically well-connected through her work with the state’s NAACP before serving three years in prison for financial crimes she said she didn’t commit.

Carmen keeps peering through the glass, looking for any sign of light from inside.

Carmen’s reason tells her that she is only five or six floors up but some other, deeper sense is screaming that she is entirely wrong, that she’s nowhere at all.

At the first slice Carmen gasps and her hand tightens, both standing just inside the circle of light where the other two are carefully slicing, removing and storing the tissue, thin as paper.

After all, having the question “Where in the world is” attached to her name was a good career move for Carmen Sandiego.

The contest for city attorney will feature the incumbent, Carmen Trutanich, against assemblyman and former councilman Mike Feuer.

Advocates of austerity cited a powerful study by two acclaimed economists, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.

Don't know if you know the names Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff.

For much of her life Carmen Weinstein fought the pernicious misperception that there were no Jews left in Egypt.

Glasgow people wear carmen's boots, strongly fastened on with leather laces.

My brother was never so completely carried away by any modern composition as by Carmen.

To smooth her down Carmen gave her a couple of oranges and a handful of sugar-plums, and let her have a taste of wine.

Opposite the wounded woman, whom the best-natured of the band were attending, I saw Carmen, held by five or six of her comrades.

Carmen has wheedled the surgeon of the presidio to such good purpose that she has managed to get her rom out of prison.


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