[ kahr-nee ]


, plural car·neys,
  1. a variant of carny.

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Example Sentences

Well, Senator,” Carney returned fire, “I think we have to agree to disagree on this.

And McCain had every reason to be happy that he had put Carney (and, by extension, he doubtless hoped, Obama) on the defensive.

Jay Carney may have been hoping for a smooth debut as CNN's 'senior political commentator.'

“Again, Mr. Carney, you are again saying facts that are patently false,” McCain replied.

Bea Arthur, Diahann Carroll, Art Carney, and Harvey Korman round out the main cast.

Elvira Carney, hanging towels across the back fence, saw her coming and went toward the gate to meet her.

On going back again to the wards, I am glad to find that Carney's wife has come in the evening train.

Poor Teddy fled out of the lee door, and up into the main rigging just as Carney burst in.

Fifty yards down the street Carney dumped his burden into a deep puddle, and with a ringing cry of defiance sped away.

Carney cut down the bush-road that wound its sinuous way to the river flat, some two hundred feet below the town level.





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