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[ kuh-rou-zing ]


  1. the act or habit of engaging in drunken revelry:

    I’ve been having a slow morning mentally—maybe from all that carousing at the pub last night.


  1. engaging in drunken revelry:

    He joked about a family wedding he had attended over the weekend, and some of the carousing relatives he’d seen there.

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Other Words From

  • ca·rous·ing·ly adverb
  • un·ca·rous·ing adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of carousing1

First recorded in 1580–90; carouse ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun; carouse ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective
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Example Sentences

Kim Chol was reportedly executed for drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il's death.

He chose the country and let Alice flout contemporary morals, carousing and smoking in public.

If the men were carousing the watch kept would be less strict, and there might be some chance of obtaining a boat.

The Hague gives me the impression of being one huge gallery of more or less immoral fat men and women carousing.

The yells of carousing miners down at Slavin's told us that nothing could be done with them that night.

When two kings are carousing, they have a stand for the turned-down cups; the Kuan had a turned-down cup-stand, too!

With open arms the clubs welcomed the poet to their festivities; each man proud to think that he was carousing with Robbie Burns.





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