[ kuh-rair-uh; Spanish kahr-re-rah ]


  1. Jo·sé Mi·guel de [haw-, se, mee-, gel, de], 1785–1821, Chilean revolutionary and political leader: dictator 1811–13.

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Example Sentences

“I know there was a transgender model on the cover of Playboy in Brazil in the '90s,” says Carrera.

“In all honesty plastic surgery these days goes hand-in-hand with beauty maintenance,” says Carrera.

“Luckily for me the public have known me before my transition and I've always had the same body type,” says Carrera.

At just that very point, I spotted a brand-new Porsche Carrera convertible to my right rear.

“Men are intimidated by high-powered women,” says Kelleher, who has worked with Lady Victoria Hervey and Tia Carrera.

The three brothers Carrera were very notable personalities in the war of independence in Chile.

General Carrera believed the demoralization of his army complete.

Among the most notorious of the banditti chieftains was one Carlo Carrera.

Matters being thus arranged, Carrera resumed his disguise, and conducted his guest homeward as far as the outskirts of the town.

Reason led me to the side of Morazan; but early prejudices carried me over to Carrera.