[ kar-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Caroline.

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Example Sentences

A new contender has come along to threaten her record, so Carrie, now 37, returns to the court—alongside her father and lifelong coach, Javier—to defend her record and her legacy.

From Time

Meanwhile, the reduction of Samantha’s presence to a series of terse text messages with Carrie made a franchise notable mostly for its blunt depictions of women’s sexuality seem weirdly prudish.

From Time

Half-empty bottles and glasses can clearly be seen — and so can Johnson and wife Carrie, alongside 17 other attendees.

Understandably, this makes grieving Carrie sad, but she shouldn’t be.

From Eater

Now that Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte are in their mid-fifties, “And Just Like That” could become “The Golden Girls” of our era.

I was friends with her drummer from Sleater-Kinney, and I met Carrie, and we just hit it off.

"Single source" reporting, as Carrie learns as the season's first episode takes off at full speed, is a very dangerous thing.

The rest of the episode follows Carrie spreading the gospel of her indignance over the thoughtless goodbye.

“We can blame Carrie Bradshaw for this,” says Shaunaq Arora, half-joking; his sigh tinged with the cloudy breath of his Gauloises.

“Carrie Bradshaw was so pivotal in creating the allure of the New York City woman,” Arora says.

One day I went into my room; and there were Coosie and Carrie jumping up and down upon my spring-bed.

For what neede they carrie water, seeing every one hath a Spring at his doore, or the Sea by his house?

Perhaps—just perhaps he might have kissed me as Carrie's father does.

That settles the girls except maybe the little friend, Carrie.

Monday is Carrie's birthday and I haven't anything else to send her.





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