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carrion flower



any of several North American climbing plants of the genus Smilax, especially S. herbacea, having small white flowers with an odor of carrion.
Also called starfish flower. any of various succulent plants of the genus Stapelia, of southern Africa, having spotted or variegated flowers often with a fetid odor.


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Origin of carrion flower

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  • July 24: Bundles of green leaves of osage orange and carrion-flower; many pods of honey locust.

    Ecological Observations on the Woodrat, Neotoma floridana|Henry S. Fitch

British Dictionary definitions for carrion flower

carrion flower


a liliaceous climbing plant, Smilax herbacea of E North America, whose small green flowers smell like decaying flesh
any of several other plants, esp any of the genus Stapelia, whose flowers have an unpleasant odour
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