[kar-uh-mah-tuh; Spanish kahr-raw-mah-tah]

noun, plural car·ro·ma·tas [kar-uh-mah-tuh z; Spanish kahr-raw-mah-tahs] /ˌkær əˈmɑ təz; Spanish ˌkɑr rɔˈmɑ tɑs/.

(in the Philippines) a light, two-wheeled covered vehicle, usually drawn by one horse.

Origin of carromata

< Spanish carromato < Italian carromatto cart, equivalent to carro (< Latin carrus; see car1) + matto stupid, drunk (referring to the cart's motion) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Historical Examples of carromata

  • It was a cross between the carromata of the Philippines and a covered dog-cart.

    Across the Equator

    Thomas H. Reid

  • At a plaza he tried to hail a carromata, but the cochero whipped up his horse in a frenzy of distrust.


    James Hopper

  • He went downstairs, jumped into a carromata that was just rattling out of the court, and drove to the Intendencia.


    James Hopper

  • The carromata wheels were iron-tired, and jolted—well, like Manila street carromatas of that day.

  • Since then a modification of the carromata and of another vehicle called calesin has been evolved.