[ kar-ee-in ]

  1. Electronics. intended for or available to customers who bring in appliances to the seller or a repair store for repair or servicing: carry-in service;a carry-in store for personal computers.

  2. North Central U.S. of, relating to, or for a social gathering at which guests are to bring their own food: A carry-in dinner will precede the lecture.

  1. Electronics. an appliance or machine, as a television set or a personal computer, portable enough to be taken to a store for repair.

  2. Also called carry-in dinner, carry-in supper. North Central U.S. a carry-in meal; potluck dinner.

Origin of carry-in

Adjective or noun use of verb phrase carry in

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British Dictionary definitions for carry-in


  1. of or relating to a type of after-sales service in which the customer must take the product to the service provider for repair: carry-in warranty

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