[kahrt-hweel, -weel]


the wheel of a cart.
an acrobatic feat in which a person starts from a standing position, with arms extended, and wheels the body sideways, landing first on the hands and then on the feet and usually repeating this in a series.
Slang. any large coin, especially a U.S. silver dollar.
Slang. an amphetamine tablet.

verb (used without object)

to roll forward end over end: The skier took a sudden spill and cartwheeled down the slope.

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Origin of cartwheel

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at cart, wheel

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the wheel of a cart, usually having wooden spokes and metal tyres
an acrobatic movement in which the body makes a sideways revolution supported on the hands with arms and legs outstretched
US slang a large coin, esp the silver dollar
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Word Origin and History for cartwheel



late 14c., "wheel of a cart," from cart (n.) + wheel (n.). Meaning "lateral somersault" is recorded from 1861; as a verb from 1907. Related: Cartwheeled; cartwheeling.

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