[ kar-uhng-kuhl, kuh-ruhng- ]
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  1. Botany. a protuberance at or surrounding the hilum of a seed.

  2. Zoology. a fleshy excrescence, as on the head of a bird; a fowl's comb.

  1. Anatomy. a small, fleshy growth.

Origin of caruncle

1605–15; earlier caruncula<Latin: small piece of flesh, diminutive of carō (genitive carnis) flesh; for suffix, see carbuncle

Other words from caruncle

  • ca·run·cu·lar [kuh-ruhng-kyuh-ler], /kəˈrʌŋ kyə lər/, ca·run·cu·lous, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for caruncle


/ (ˈkærəŋkəl, kəˈrʌŋ-) /

  1. a fleshy outgrowth on the heads of certain birds, such as a cock's comb

  2. an outgrowth near the hilum on the seeds of some plants

  1. any small fleshy mass in or on the body, either natural or abnormal

Origin of caruncle

C17: from obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula a small piece of flesh, from carō flesh

Derived forms of caruncle

  • caruncular (kəˈrʌŋkjʊlə) or carunculous, adjective
  • carunculate (kəˈrʌŋkjʊlɪt, -ˌleɪt) or carunculated, adjective

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