[ kas-kair-uh ]
/ kæsˈkɛər ə /


a buckthorn, Rhamnus purshiana, of the Pacific coast of the U.S., having finely toothed leaves and flowers in umbels and yielding cascara sagrada.

Origin of cascara

1875–80, Americanism; < Spanish cáscara bark, perhaps akin to cascar to crack ≪ Vulgar Latin *quassicāre, equivalent to Latin quass(āre) to shatter (see quash) + -icā- formative v. suffix + -re infinitive ending
Also called cascara buckthorn, bearberry, chittamwood. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (kæsˈkɑːrə) /


Also called: cascara buckthorn, bearwood a shrub or small tree, Rhamnus purshiana of NW North America, whose bark is a source of cascara sagrada: family Rhamnaceae

Word Origin for cascara

C19: from Spanish: bark, from cascar to break, from Vulgar Latin quassicāre (unattested) to shake violently, shatter, from Latin quassāre to dash to pieces
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