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cast away

  1. Also, cast aside . Discard, reject, as in He picked a book, then cast it aside , or She cast away all thoughts of returning home . [Early 1400s]

  2. Squander, waste, as in She cast away a fortune on jewelry . Shakespeare used this idiom in King John (2:1): “France, hast thou yet more blood to cast away?” [Early 1500s]

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Example Sentences

Broyles, who served in Vietnam, later went on to become a Hollywood screenwriter, working on the films Apollo 13 and Cast Away.

The screenplay is by Bill Broyles, the writer responsible for Jarhead, Cast Away, and Apollo 13.

And that usually happens to an outsider they can cast away and say that now they are in the religious right or they are this.

The South's former dominating position had been cast away forever.

The shirtless boy holding a FedEx package and a “Wilson” candy bucket was certainly not a reference to Cast Away, either.

For in that day a man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which your hands have made for you to sin.

And I will cast you away from before my face, as I have cast away all your brethren, the whole seed of Ephraim.

Hast thou utterly cast away Juda, or hath thy soul abhorred Sion?

And I said: I am cast away out of the sight of thy eyes: but yet I shall see the holy temple again.

“Some vessel was cast away not far from here last night,” exclaimed Toby, at length.