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  1. prenominal thrown away; abandoned

    cast-off shoes


  1. a person or thing that has been discarded or abandoned
  2. printing an estimate of the amount of space that a piece of copy will occupy when printed in a particular size and style of type


  1. to remove (mooring lines) that hold (a vessel) to a dock
  2. to knot (a row of stitches, esp the final row) in finishing off knitted or woven material
  3. printing to estimate the amount of space that will be taken up by (a book, piece of copy, etc) when it is printed in a particular size and style of type
  4. intr (in Scottish country dancing) to perform a progressive movement during which each partner of a couple dances separately behind one line of the set and then reunites with the other in their original position in the set or in a new position

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Example Sentences

The boys wear what look like cast-off gym clothes with sandals.

Around the world, people are putting garbage and cast-off materials to productive use.

Does he pick up yet another identity, a cast-off item left on a barstool?

That little chapel, he continues, which contains the cast-off garments of his soul, is bright with solid silver.

He has delivered the two heads of our great society into the hands of one of its cast-off branches!

He was dressed in pants made of old sailcloth, and the tattered cast-off blouse of a Union soldier.

This dealer in cast-off clothes, getting lively as she talked, pictured herself unconsciously while telling of others.

The water-line is strewn with cast-off salmon heads and entrails.


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