[ kahs-te-yah-naws ]


  1. Ju·lio [hoo, -lyaw], 1905–47, Mexican painter.

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Example Sentences

The inning ended with Josh Palacios hitting a flyball to right, Gary DiSarcina sending Yadiel Hernandez from third and Castellanos throwing him out by a couple of steps.

Put all the Castellanos family money down on the table here.

From Ozy

Castellanos obviously realizes this; thus his argument in Florence for a conservatism that is “relevant” to the middle class.

I heard my CNN colleague Alex Castellanos saying so last night; apparently Jeb Bush has a book to that effect publishing soon.

Castellanos acknowledged that the storm response has given Obama something of a halo, albeit one that may fade by Election Day.

Even Castellanos concedes a “tremendous opportunity” for the president.

And politically, says Republican campaign advisor Alex Castellanos, this may amount to a no-fly strategy.

Pizarro collected (so Pedro Pizarro says) two hundred thousand castellanos (each weighing a dollar) of gold.

In that same apartment, General Castellanos signed the abdication of Spanish authority.

His property was said to be worth over 100,000 castellanos, according to the value current then; he had also ten brigantines.

For a needle they got a piece of gold worth two castellanos, and that this was nothing to what it would be within a month.

The old ducats were to be current at 429 mrs., the castellanos at 544.