casting director


  1. the person responsible for selecting the cast of a theatrical production, motion picture, etc.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of casting director1

First recorded in 1920–25
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Example Sentences

I would have hated to be the casting director watching Ben Platt pretend-hunch his shoulders while his father Marc Platt, the producer of the film, stood silently behind a glass panel.

From Time

I was a struggling actor desperate to get jobs, so I got a call to do this audition from Johanna Ray, who was this casting director who was always trying to cast me in stuff and a big supporter of mine, and somehow, I got it.

Seventeen-year-old high school senior Julia Khoroshilov spent the past two weeks working for runway casting director Zan Casting.

“It really is a struggle [to cast ethnically and racially accurate roles],” says the casting director.

I know Rene Haynes, the casting director, and I hooked up Alex and Andrew with Rene.

Sarah Finn, who was our casting director, kept saying, “What about this guy, Chris Pratt?”

So, we hired a casting director to find Tony Revolori, which took months and months.

Genial, peppery, he not only talked like a Hollywood Englishman, he was a casting director's dream.

He wondered if his friend the casting director were subject to them.

In a partition opposite the entrance was a small window and over it the words "Casting Director."

Some of them greeted the casting director as an old friend and were still gay when told that there was nothing to-day.

Another door led to the office of the casting director, glimpses of which could be obtained through the little window.





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