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[ kas-trey-tid ]


  1. emasculated by having the testicles removed:

    Some castrated male cats will spray urine, but it is much more common in unneutered males.

  2. deprived of strength, force, or effectiveness:

    She claims that the International Criminal Court is a castrated organization with no policing power.

  3. Psychology. rendered impotent, literally or metaphorically, by psychological means, especially by having one’s masculinity or femininity threatened:

    The show is full of literally and figuratively castrated men, witless and robotic, while women drive the action.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of castrate ( def ).

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  • un·cas·trat·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

Thus, during Jim Crow, black men were routinely hanged, castrated, and lynched for alleged sexual assaults against white women.

Franco plays Benjy, the mentally handicapped—and eventually, castrated—member of the Compson clan.

But the ending scene where the guy gets castrated is pretty impressive, because the guys playing the natives are real natives.

In one sickening final detail, Joe Christmas is castrated even before he is dead, his blood soaking his attackers.

She may also feel symbolically castrated by the loss of her life savings—a situation that would make anyone rabid.

You will learn that the Lords have strangely castrated the new Militia Bill.

Fie, fie upon the flaccid, castrated century, that has no other use than to chew over again the deeds of the past.

There they also sold rabbits, hares, deer, and little dogs which are raised for eating and castrated.

I know one who in a frenzy of unhappiness seized a razor and castrated himself.

On the other hand, the castrated male animal is thoroughly suited to the task of drawing the wagon.