[ kazh-oo-uh-lee ]
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  1. by chance; accidentally:Not many of my friends know about my art obsession—there aren’t many ways to casually slide Leonardo da Vinci into a normal conversation.With the new security protocol, it is no longer possible to casually grant access permission to a website you do not control.

  2. in a way that shows indifference, apathy, or a lack of intention or understanding:She strolled in casually, as if she weren’t late.I wonder if the people who are so casually throwing the word "radical" around know what it actually means.

  1. in an informal way; without formality:The wedding guests are casually but neatly dressed.This casually elegant resort offers 4-star food and fantastic views of the coastline.

  2. in an occasional or irregular way:These are not people who go to the club casually—they are here every night of the week.

  3. in a way that does not involve emotional intimacy or commitment:My sister has been casually dating a reality TV star, among others.

  4. in a way that does not require significant skill or time commitment: Expect a casually paced hike suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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Other words from casually

  • o·ver·cas·u·al·ly, adverb
  • ul·tra·cas·u·al·ly, adverb
  • un·cas·u·al·ly, adverb

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