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  1. any tree of the genus Casuarina, of Australia and the East Indies, having jointed leafless branchlets: family CasuarinaceaeSee also beefwood, she-oak
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Word Origin for casuarina

C19: from New Latin, from Malay kěsuari cassowary, referring to the resemblance of the branches to the feathers of the cassowary
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Historical Examples of casuarina

  • Among the other trees on the island I noticed a Casuarina and a Ficus.

    Cruise of the 'Alert'

    R. W. Coppinger

  • Their clubs are made of casuarina, and are powerful weapons.

  • Their clubs are made of the casuarina, and are powerful weapons.

  • The wood consists principally of the eucalyptus and casuarina.

  • There I saw still the trees we had so gladly got away from, the Casuarina; also the cheering white arms of the Yarra, or blue gum.