cat eye

or cat-eye

[ kat-ahy ]

  1. Often cat eyes . an eyeliner application style in which a line on the top eyelid forms an upward stroke at the outer edge of the eye (often used attributively): a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect cat eye; a cat-eye look;Use a felt-tip eyeliner to draw even cat eyes.

Origin of cat eye

First recorded in 2010–15
  • Also cat's eye, cat's-eye .

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How to use cat eye in a sentence

  • The idea of getting out a search party for Cat-Eye Mose struck them as peculiarly ludicrous.

    The Four Pools Mystery | Jean Webster
  • The marks of Cat-Eye Mose were admitted immediately, but the others occasioned considerable discussion.

    The Four Pools Mystery | Jean Webster
  • The guide ran ahead to get a carriage, spreading the news as he ran, that Cat-Eye Mose had been found.

    The Four Pools Mystery | Jean Webster
  • She had her arms lifted over her head, tugging her round belly up, stretching her navel into a cat-eye slit.

  • Cat-Eye Mose, so old Jake tells me, moped for months after his disappearance.

    The Four Pools Mystery | Jean Webster