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catch fire

  1. Be ignited, as in This wood is dry enough to catch fire . [c. 1600] Also see set on fire .

  2. Become inflamed with enthusiasm or passion, as in His ideas caught fire all over the country . [Early 1700s]

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Example Sentences

Phone lines would catch fire from the velocity and ferocity of his words.

Halt and Catch Fire seems like it could be that sort of series: virtuous but minor.

The other speaker who Batur thinks could catch fire with the kids at CPAC is  Ted Cruz.

In a nation, sadly, with so many shootings, why did this one catch fire?

But then, when he shifted gears to attack mode, he started to catch fire.

In pushing splinters under his toenails, the lamp was upset, kerosene was spilled over his feet to catch fire.

Green and wet as these are, they at once catch fire and flame up like kindling-wood.

Nancy felt that if she went on flushing any more her hair would catch fire.

Once catch fire, big flame run through forest, burn miles and miles.

All at once I saw sparks flying out of the tree, which proved that it was beginning to catch fire inside.


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