verb (used without object)

to utter long wailing cries, as cats in rutting time.
to utter a similar sound; howl or screech.
to quarrel like cats.

noun Also cat·er·waul·ing.

the cry of a cat in rutting time.
any similar sound.

Origin of caterwaul

1350–1400; Middle English cater(wawen) (equivalent to cater tomcat (< Middle Dutch) + wawen to howl, Old English wāwan to blow, said of the wind) + waul, variant of wail
Related formscat·er·waul·er, noun

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bicker, wail, screech, bawl, squall, yowl, yell, shriek, scream, howl, quarrel

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verb (intr)

to make a yowling noise, as a cat on heat


a shriek or yell made by or sounding like a cat on heat
Derived Formscaterwauler, noun

Word Origin for caterwaul

C14: of imitative origin
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Word Origin and History for caterwaul

late 14c., caterwrawen, perhaps from Low German katerwaulen "cry like a cat," or formed in English from cater, from Middle Dutch cater "tomcat" + Middle English waul "to yowl," apparently from Old English *wrag, *wrah "angry," of uncertain origin but all somehow imitative. Related: Caterwauled; caterwauling.

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