[ kath-i-ter ]

  1. a flexible or rigid hollow tube employed to drain fluids from body cavities or to distend body passages, especially one for passing into the bladder through the urethra to draw off urine or into the heart through a leg vein or arm vein for diagnostic examination.

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Origin of catheter

1595–1605; <Late Latin <Greek kathetḗr kind of tube, literally, something sent or let down, equivalent to kathe- (variant stem of kathiénai, equivalent to kat-cata- + hiénai to send, let go) + -tḗr agent suffix

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How to use catheter in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for catheter


/ (ˈkæθɪtə) /

  1. med a long slender flexible tube for inserting into a natural bodily cavity or passage for introducing or withdrawing fluid, such as urine or blood

Origin of catheter

C17: from Late Latin, from Greek kathetēr, from kathienai to send down, insert

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Scientific definitions for catheter


[ kăthĭ-tər ]

  1. A hollow, flexible tube inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel to allow the passage of fluids or distend a passageway.

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Cultural definitions for catheter


[ (kath-uh-tuhr) ]

A thin tube inserted into one of the channels or blood vessels in the body to remove fluids, create an opening into an internal cavity, or administer injections.

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