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[ kat-lahyk ]


  1. resembling or typical of a cat:

    catlike eyes.

  2. swift and graceful.
  3. stealthy and noiseless:

    The scouts crept up on their quarry with catlike tread.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of catlike1

First recorded in 1590–1600; cat ( def ) + -like

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Example Sentences

Hamill played the lead as Colonel Christopher “Maverick” Blair, the commander of a space fighter squadron in the final days of an enduring war against the Kilrathi, an alien race of catlike bipeds for whom war and conquest is sport.

So, like real pumas, the women who waited to see are just tiptoeing away, catlike, from the battle.

To all appearances, the green-eyed lady was not at home—not unless those catlike eyes of hers were capable of seeing in the dark.

Burke straightened as I came forward, squatted and drove forward with catlike speed.

Only the prying eyes of the catlike presence disturbed the sacred moment.

He walked softly, with catlike tread, along by the wall to where the thick curtains shut out the inner apartment.

And Richard saw before his eyes a white-robed, catlike Arab, swinging upon a picketed chestnut charger.