/ (ˈkætɪˌɡæt) /

  1. a former spelling of Kattegat

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How to use Cattegat in a sentence

  • He advised his country not to try it, especially in view of certain political rumours which he had picked up in the Cattegat.

    The Lord of the Sea | M. P. Shiel
  • Cattegat, who liked the sugar but not the trick, had been so named by a Danish gentleman who had presented him to Lou and Amy.

  • Cattegat will now surely catch that ferocious rat in the last room, thought every one.

  • Cattegat jumped up and looked at Uncle Leonard as if to ask him if he had made that noise, and then glanced about the room.

  • Cattegat seemed very much disappointed because the rat had escaped, and went out in the yard, and hid himself under a rose-bush.