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[kou-duh, kaw-]
noun, plural cau·dae [kou-dee, kaw-] /ˈkaʊ di, ˈkɔ-/. Anatomy, Zoology.
  1. a tail or taillike appendage.
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Origin of cauda

1690–1700; < Latin: tail
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Historical Examples

  • We can remember well enough when we donned the ‘cauda virilis,’ but not when we left off petticoats.

    Tracks of a Rolling Stone

    Henry J. Coke

  • Only in the last-mentioned poem does the cauda consist of six two-beat sectional verses.

  • Here the frons is connected with the cauda, which recurs in each stanza as a kind of refrain, by means of concatenatio.

  • They are, however, found already in Provenal poetry, and consist of the forehead (frons) and the tail or veer (cauda).

  • As to the rhythmical structure of the half-verses used in the cauda of the stanza cf. the explanations given in 64.

British Dictionary definitions for cauda


  1. zoology the area behind the anus of an animal; tail
  2. anatomy
    1. any tail-like structure
    2. the posterior part of an organ
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Word Origin

Latin: tail
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cauda in Medicine


n. pl. cau•dae (-dē′)
  1. A tail or taillike structure, or a tapering or elongated extremity of an organ or other part.
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