/ ˈkɔːlfiːld /


  1. CaulfieldPatrick (Joseph)19362005MBritishARTS AND CRAFTS: painterARTS AND CRAFTS: printmaker Patrick ( Joseph ). 1936–2005, British painter and printmaker

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Example Sentences

Perhaps, in the spirit of Holden Caulfield, she should have found a way to make her depression endearing?

Holden Caulfield himself makes an inspired cameo, and there are early flashes of the Glass Family in the brothers' dynamic.

"The creator of Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye would not be pleased," USA Today.

“He said that the only person who could ever play Holden Caulfield was himself,” Joyce Maynard tells Salerno and Shields.

But even he acknowledged he was too old for that—although, in some ways, he was playing Holden Caulfield forever.

It was near Caulfield, on the Melbourne side of "No-good-damper swamp."

Two years ago the site of Caulfield Hospital was a wilderness of weeds and sand.

Can any of your correspondents furnish any additions to Caulfield's account of Mother Damnable?

He there met with Frederick Caulfield, an Irish sailor, who was poor and much distressed for clothes and common necessaries.

An immediate search was made, and Caulfield was apprehended at Waterford the second day after.