[ kaw-zee ]

noun,plural cau·seys.
  1. British Dialect. a causeway.

  2. Archaic. an ancient Roman highway.

Origin of causey

1125–75; Middle English cauce<Anglo-French <Old North French caucie, variant of cauciee<Late Latin (via) calciāta (road) paved with limestone, equivalent to Latin calci- (stem of calx) limestone + -āta, feminine of -ātus-ate1

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How to use causey in a sentence

  • The boat proved a great comfort when it came, which was not till more than a month after their settlement on causey Island.

    Eyebright | Susan Coolidge

British Dictionary definitions for causey


/ (ˈkɔːzɪ) /

  1. an archaic or dialect word for causeway

  2. Scot a cobbled street

  1. Scot a cobblestone

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