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[kuh-vee-dee-uh m, kah-, key-]
noun, plural ca·vae·di·a [kuh-vee-dee-uh, kah-, key-] /kəˈvi di ə, kɑ-, keɪ-/.
  1. atrium(def 1a).
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Origin of cavaedium

< Latin, contraction of cavum aedium, literally, hollow of rooms (i.e. house); see cave, edifice
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Historical Examples of cavaedium

  • The dining-room, as well as the study of the master of the house, were in the cavaedium.

    Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2

    Ernst Eckstein

  • These are described by Vitruvius under the title of cavaedium.

  • I must now tell how this may be brought about, and first I will speak of the proper construction of a cavaedium.

  • (Posticum) was the name given to the little door, leading from the back of the cavaedium or peristyle to the street.