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/ ˈkeɪvˌmæn /


  1. a man of the Palaeolithic age; cave dweller
  2. informal.
    a man who is primitive or brutal in behaviour, etc

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Example Sentences

Those are all words Caveman uses in their own self-description, and they say it's exactly what they're trying to achieve.

Skip Built to Spill, and See ... Caveman, the cinematic, dreamy five-man vibe collective from New York City.

The same goes for claims about caveman-inspired exercise regimens and child-care philosophies.

FedEx: Caveman Delivery Year: 2006 Ad Meter Score: 7.95 Kellogg Grade: B Share Price Change: 6.22 percent 4.

The talk turns to diet, as it often does in caveman circles.

The caveman had fared no better, often worse, because he had no blankets, and John drew a deep sigh of content.

I sat down near to the Caveman on a stone, taking care to place my revolver carefully behind it.

It's a simple method and has been practised since the caveman drew his gods upon his cavern walls.

He was wondering if after all there was not something to be said for the methods of the caveman when he went a-wooing.

While Burleigh was speaking the caveman had reached the doorway and reared up just beside it in the shadow.


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