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[ sees-fahyuhr ]


  1. a cessation of hostilities; truce.
  2. Military. an order issued for a cease-fire.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cease-fire1

First recorded in 1840–50; noun use of verb phrase cease fire
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Example Sentences

Clearly, all of the statements from Moscow and Kiev about a cease-fire for the period of the investigation have been forgotten.

He spoke to Putin on June 17 and came away offering a “unilateral cease-fire.”

The sanctions continued after a cease-fire; Eisenhower was adamant: They wouldn't be lifted until the invading troops were gone.

The debt ceiling vote will be something close to an acid test that this budget deal represents a cease fire in the budget wars.

A bloody conflict ended in a cease-fire that ceded to the militants the right to institute Sharia law in the Swat area.

The French trenches were packed with men, waiting for the guns to cease fire and the order to advance.

Then, with them well in hand, I let one more volley go, before shouting the "Cease fire!"

It was useless to contend against such odds, and the 'cease fire' was sounded, and handkerchiefs waved to denote submission.

An order to "cease fire" is given, and then there is another long interval of waiting.

Paul gave the order to cease fire and took the car to the top of the avenue that led to the station.


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