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  1. Cecil John,1853–1902, English colonial capitalist and government administrator in southern Africa.
  2. James Ford,1848–1927, U.S. historian.
  3. a Greek island in the SE Aegean, off the SW coast of Turkey: the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. 542 sq. mi. (1404 sq. km).
  4. a seaport on this island.Italian Rodi.Greek Rhodos.
  5. Colossus of, a huge bronze statue of Apollo that stood at the entrance to the harbor of Rhodes.
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  1. a Greek island in the SE Aegean Sea, about 16 km (10 miles) off the Turkish coast: the largest of the Dodecanese and the most easterly island in the Aegean. Capital: Rhodes. Pop (municipality): 55 086 (2001). Area: 1400 sq km (540 sq miles)
  2. a port on this island, in the NE: founded in 408 bc; of great commercial and political importance in the 3rd century bc; suffered several earthquakes, notably in 225, when the Colossus was destroyed. Pop: 41 000 (latest est)
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Ancient Greek name: RhodosModern Greek name: Ródhos


  1. Cecil John . 1853–1902, British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa. He made a fortune in diamond and gold mining and, as prime minister of the Cape Colony (1890–96), he helped to extend British territory. He established the annual Rhodes scholarships to OxfordSee Rhodes scholarship
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Greek island, one of the Dodecanese, from Greek Rhodos, perhaps from rhodon "rose," or rhoia "pomegranate," but "more likely" [Room] from a pre-Greek name, from Phoenician erod "snake," for the serpents which were said to have anciently infested the island.

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