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  1. any of several Old World, coniferous trees of the genus Cedrus, having wide, spreading branches.Compare cedar of Lebanon.
  2. any of various junipers, as the red cedar, Juniperus virginiana, of the cypress family, having reddish-brown bark and dark-blue, berrylike fruit.
  3. any of various other coniferous trees.Compare incense cedar, white cedar.
  4. any of several trees belonging to the genus Cedrela, of the mahogany family, as the Spanish cedar.
  5. Also called cedarwood. the fragrant wood of any of these trees, used in furniture and as a moth repellent.

Origin of cedar

before 1000; Middle English cedir, Old English ceder < Latin cedrus < Greek kédros; replacing Middle English cedre < Old French < Latin, as above
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evergreen, wood, sabine, savin, deodar

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Historical Examples of cedar

  • She was conveyed to the palace in a cedar carriage, carefully screened from observation.


    Lydia Maria Child

  • The night wind was balmy, and there was a fragrance of cedar in its breath.

  • As we entered the shed chamber the lid of the cedar trunk rose.

    The Green Satin Gown

    Laura E. Richards

  • I have seen a raft built of cedar logs and cedar bark ropes in an hour.

    The Forest

    Stewart Edward White

  • Until to-morrow night, then, blinded and bewildered with holly and cedar let me be!

    Bride of the Mistletoe

    James Lane Allen

British Dictionary definitions for cedar


  1. any Old World coniferous tree of the genus Cedrus, having spreading branches, needle-like evergreen leaves, and erect barrel-shaped cones: family PinaceaeSee also cedar of Lebanon, deodar
  2. any of various other conifers, such as the red cedars and white cedars
  3. the wood of any of these trees
  4. any of certain other plants, such as the Spanish cedar
  1. made of the wood of a cedar tree

Word Origin for cedar

C13: from Old French cedre, from Latin cedrus, from Greek kedros
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Word Origin and History for cedar

Old English ceder, blended in Middle English with Old French cedre, both from Latin cedrus, from Greek kedros "cedar, juniper," origin uncertain. Cedar oil was used by the Egyptians in embalming as a preservative against decay and the word for it was used figuratively for "immortality" by the Romans. Cedar chest attested from 1722. Related: Cedrine.

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