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  1. the letter C.


  1. shaped or formed like the letter C.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cee1

First recorded in 1535–45; conventional spelling of the pronunciation of the letter C

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Example Sentences

The trend in reality TV is to hire firecrackers like Cee-Lo Green and Demi Lovato and Adam Levine and Usher and Shakira as judges.

You can upgrade the coat—for the small price of $40 customers can get a cooler coat and look like Cee Lo Green.

But Cee Lo seems to have a talent for channeling personal pain into potent pop music.

I've heard people say, "Why has Gnarls Barkley changed his name to Cee Lo Green?"

Cee-Lo squalls—in effect, throwing a tantrum, the perfect cherry on top of a song titled “Fuck You.”

Thus we cee, that while dogs are ginerally useful, thare are times, when tha aint ginerally proffittable.

Wouldn't it be fun tew cee one ov these opera singers undertake tu rok a baby tu sleep?

How lingeringly, as if he loved to utter the words, would he speak of "Cawtholic E-man-cee-pa-tion!"

Cee go joost now à huit heures, and cee will retour byanby, à neuf heures, noine clock.

As se was not there pronounced like cee, but like say, there was no danger of confounding the two names.